House of Pizza: A Slice of Tradition and Flavor


House of Pizza is more than just a pizza restaurant. It is a cherished establishment that has been serving delicious slices of tradition and flavor for years. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, House of Pizza has become a beloved institution in the community. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating history of House of Pizza and explore the enduring tradition of great pizza they have maintained.

House of Pizza: A Slice of Tradition and Flavor

History Of House Of Pizza

Founded in 1975 by the Johnson family, House of Pizza quickly became a local favorite. What started as a small pizzeria in a humble storefront has now grown into a bustling restaurant known for its mouthwatering pizzas. The Johnsons had a vision to create a place where families and friends could come together to enjoy delicious, homemade pizzas made with the finest ingredients.

Over the years, House of Pizza has stayed true to its roots while adapting to the changing times. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to quality, they have expanded their menu to include a variety of other Italian dishes such as pasta, salads, and sandwiches. However, their pizza remains the star attraction, with its signature thin crust, generous toppings, and perfect balance of flavors.

The Enduring Tradition Of Great Pizza

What sets House of Pizza apart from other pizza places is its dedication to upholding the tradition of making great pizza. Every pizza is crafted with care, using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers. The dough is made from scratch daily, ensuring a light and crispy crust that is the perfect base for their flavorful toppings.

House of Pizza understands that great pizza is not just about taste, but also about creating an experience. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant, coupled with friendly and attentive staff, adds to the overall enjoyment of each visit.

With their commitment to tradition and a focus on quality, House of Pizza has managed to create a loyal customer base that spans generations. Families have been coming to House of Pizza for years, passing down the tradition of enjoying delicious pizzas together.

In conclusion, House of Pizza is a true slice of tradition and flavor. With a rich history, a commitment to quality, and a dedication to upholding the tradition of great pizza, it has become a beloved institution in the community. Whether you are a longtime customer or a first-time visitor, House of Pizza guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving for more.

House Of Pizza Menu

If you’re a pizza lover looking for a slice of tradition and flavor, look no further than House of Pizza. With a menu rich in options and a commitment to quality, House of Pizza has established itself as a go-to destination for pizza enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at some key highlights of their menu.

Signature Pizzas

House of Pizza offers a wide variety of signature pizzas that cater to different taste preferences. Whether you’re a fan of classic combinations or looking for something unique, their menu has something for everyone. From the traditional Margherita and Pepperoni pizzas to creative options like BBQ Chicken and Mediterranean, each pizza is made with fresh ingredients and topped with flavorful sauces and cheeses. These signature pizzas have become favorites among regular customers, earning House of Pizza a reputation for delivering delicious and satisfying slices.

Customization Options And Toppings

One of the standout features of House of Pizza is its commitment to customization. They understand that every pizza lover has their own unique preferences, so they offer a range of customization options to accommodate different tastes. Customers can choose from various crust options, including thin, thick, and gluten-free. They also have an extensive selection of toppings, from classic options like mushrooms and olives to premium ingredients like prosciutto and truffle oil. With the ability to create your own pizza masterpiece, House of Pizza ensures that every customer can enjoy a personalized and mouthwatering experience.

Whether you’re dining in or ordering for delivery, House of Pizza’s menu is designed to satisfy cravings and provide a memorable pizza experience. With its dedication to quality ingredients, flavorful combinations, and customizable options, House of Pizza has become a beloved establishment in the hearts of pizza lovers. So next time you’re in the mood for a slice, be sure to visit House of Pizza and indulge in their tradition and flavor.

Customer Testimonials

House of Pizza: A Slice of Tradition and Flavor has built a strong reputation among its loyal customers over the years. The positive dining experiences and feedback they have received are a testament to the exceptional service and quality they provide. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

Positive Dining Experiences

“I have been a regular at House of Pizza for years, and I can say without hesitation that their pizza is the best in town. The crust is perfectly crispy, the toppings are fresh and flavorful, and the cheese melts in your mouth. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff always make me feel welcome. It’s a true delight to dine here.” – Sarah T.

House of Pizza: A Slice of Tradition and Flavor

“House of Pizza never disappoints! Their menu offers a wide variety of options, from classic pizzas to mouthwatering pasta dishes. Every time I visit, the food is consistently delicious, and the portions are generous. The staff is attentive and friendly, ensuring a pleasant and memorable dining experience.” – Michael S.

Feedback On Service And Quality

“The service at House of Pizza is top-notch. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu, accommodating to special dietary needs, and always ready to provide recommendations. What sets this place apart is their commitment to quality. You can taste the freshness in every bite, from the sauce to the toppings. It’s evident that they take pride in serving exceptional food.” – Emily H.

“House of Pizza has become my go-to spot for family gatherings. The staff goes above and beyond to make us feel welcome and cater to our dietary preferences. The attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are remarkable. Not to mention, the ingredients they use are of the highest quality, resulting in pizzas that are truly outstanding. Kudos to the House of Pizza team!” – David L.

These customer testimonials reflect the outstanding reputation that House of Pizza: A Slice of Tradition and Flavor has earned in the community. The combination of delicious food, friendly service, and commitment to quality has made it a beloved establishment for pizza enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Locations And Hours

Sartell And St. Cloud Restaurants

House of Pizza is a beloved pizza joint that has been serving up delicious slices of tradition and flavor in Sartell and St. Cloud, Minnesota. With two convenient locations, locals and visitors alike can enjoy the authentic taste of homemade pizza and other Italian favorites.

In Sartell, the restaurant can be found at [insert address]. This cozy and inviting space is perfect for gathering with friends and family to enjoy a meal together. The warm and friendly atmosphere, coupled with the mouthwatering aromas of freshly baked pizza, creates an unforgettable dining experience.

The St. Cloud location of House of Pizza is situated at [insert address]. This larger restaurant offers ample seating options for larger groups or special events. It provides the same welcoming ambiance as the Sartell location, ensuring that every guest feels right at home.

Operating Hours And Contact Information

House of Pizza understands the importance of flexibility when it comes to satisfying those late-night pizza cravings. That’s why their operating hours are designed to accommodate various schedules.

Both the Sartell and St. Cloud locations are open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, they extend their hours, staying open until 11:00 pm. This means that whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a leisurely dinner, or a late-night snack, House of Pizza has got you covered.

To contact the Sartell restaurant, you can reach them at [insert phone number]. For the St. Cloud location, call [insert phone number]. Additionally, you can visit their website at [insert website] for more information about their menu, catering services, and upcoming events.

So, the next time you find yourself craving a slice of mouthwatering pizza or a heaping plate of pasta, head over to House of Pizza in Sartell or St. Cloud. With their convenient locations, flexible operating hours, and commitment to delivering traditional flavors, you’re sure to have a delicious and satisfying dining experience.

The Experience Of Pizza

Pizza As More Than Just A Meal

When it comes to comfort food, few things can compare to the deliciousness of pizza. It is not just a meal; it is an experience that brings people together. House of Pizza understands this very well and has mastered the art of creating a slice of tradition and flavor that goes beyond satisfying hunger pangs.

At House of Pizza, every aspect of the pizza-making process is carefully curated to ensure an exceptional experience for customers. From the selection of the freshest ingredients to the perfect combination of flavors, each pizza is crafted with love and passion. Whether you prefer a classic Margherita or a gourmet specialty pizza, the attention to detail is evident in every bite.

But House of Pizza goes beyond just the taste. They create an ambiance that truly enhances the overall experience. The inviting aroma, the cozy seating, and the friendly staff all contribute to a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes customers feel like they are part of the House of Pizza family.

Celebration And Camaraderie

Pizza has always been a symbol of celebration and camaraderie. It brings people together, sparks conversations, and creates lasting memories. House of Pizza understands this and embraces the role they play in these special moments. Whether it’s a birthday party, a family gathering, or a casual night out with friends, House of Pizza offers a space where people can come together and enjoy delicious food in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.

The tradition and flavor that House of Pizza brings to the table resonate with customers on a deeper level. It’s not just about satisfying hunger; it’s about creating a sense of belonging, connection, and shared experiences. House of Pizza understands that the value it provides goes beyond serving delicious pizza; it creates moments that people cherish and remember.

House of Pizza: A Slice of Tradition and Flavor

So, if you are looking for more than just a meal, if you want to experience the true essence of pizza and all the joy it brings, then House of Pizza is the place to be. Step into their welcoming establishment, indulge in their mouthwatering pizzas and let yourself be transported to a world where tradition and flavor unite to create unforgettable experiences.

Embracing Tradition

House Of Pizza’s Commitment To Quality

House of Pizza is not just your average pizza joint. It is a place where tradition and flavor come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. What sets House of Pizza apart from other pizzerias is their unwavering commitment to quality.

From the moment you step into House of Pizza, you can sense the dedication to excellence. The ingredients used are carefully selected, ensuring only the freshest and finest make their way into every pizza. Whether it’s the homemade tomato sauce bursting with flavor or the perfectly aged cheese, each ingredient is chosen with utmost care.

House of Pizza takes pride in its handmade dough, which is prepared using a traditional family recipe passed down through generations. The result is a crust that is crispy on the outside and delightfully chewy on the inside. This attention to detail and commitment to using high-quality ingredients is what sets House of Pizza apart and keeps customers coming back for more.

Preserving The Original Recipe

One of the things that make House of Pizza truly special is its dedication to preserving the original recipe that has been loved by generations. This recipe was created by the founder of House of Pizza more than 50 years ago and has remained unchanged ever since.

The original recipe captures the authentic flavors that have made House of Pizza a beloved establishment in the community. The secret blend of herbs and spices used in the tomato sauce, the perfect ratio of cheese to toppings, and the careful balance of flavors have become a hallmark of House of Pizza’s pizzas.

By preserving the original recipe, House of Pizza not only pays homage to its roots but also ensures that customers can continue to enjoy the same delicious flavors that have been enjoyed for decades. It is this commitment to tradition and flavor that has made House of Pizza a local favorite.

In conclusion, House of Pizza stands out among other pizzerias due to its commitment to quality and the preservation of its original recipe. Every visit to House of Pizza is a celebration of tradition and flavor, where customers can indulge in pizzas made with the finest ingredients and a recipe that has stood the test of time.

Delivery And Takeout

Convenience Of Doorstep Delivery

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience plays a significant role in our everyday lives. House of Pizza understands this and offers doorstep delivery services to bring their delicious slices of tradition and flavor right to your home or office. This convenient option saves you time and effort while still allowing you to enjoy their mouthwatering pizzas without having to step foot outside.

The House of Pizza delivery service ensures that your food arrives hot and fresh, just as if you were dining in their cozy restaurant. With a simple phone call or a few clicks on their website, you can have your favorite pizza delivered straight to your doorstep. This is particularly useful when you have a busy schedule or simply want to relax and indulge in a tasty meal without the hassle of cooking or going out.

Ordering Options And Promotions

Apart from delivery, House of Pizza also offers takeout options for those who prefer to pick up their orders. Their efficient and friendly staff will ensure that your order is prepared promptly, allowing you to enjoy your meal wherever you choose.

In addition to their convenient ordering options, House of Pizza provides a variety of promotions and discounts to make their pizzas even more appealing. They often have special deals, such as buy one get one free, discounts on specific toppings, or combo offers that include sides and drinks. These promotions not only make the dining experience more affordable but also allow customers to explore different flavors and toppings.

Whether you choose delivery or takeout, House of Pizza goes above and beyond to ensure that your experience is enjoyable and hassle-free. Their commitment to convenience, along with their mouthwatering pizzas, is what sets them apart from their competitors

Influences Of Los Angeles

Culinary Inspirations From LA

House of Pizza, located in the heart of Los Angeles, draws inspiration from the vibrant culinary scene that the city has to offer. Known for its diverse cuisines and cultural influences, LA serves as a melting pot of flavors, and House of Pizza takes advantage of this rich culinary landscape to create unique and flavorful pizzas.

The city’s vibrant food truck culture has greatly influenced the menu at House of Pizza. They have taken inspiration from the creative and eclectic offerings of these mobile eateries and incorporated them into their own pizza creations. You can find pizzas featuring fusion flavors such as Korean barbecue pizza with bulgogi and kimchi or Mexican-inspired pizzas topped with spicy chorizo and fresh avocado.

LA’s cultural diversity is also reflected in House of Pizza’s menu. With a nod to the city’s large Hispanic population, they offer pizzas with authentic Mexican ingredients like carnitas, queso fresco, and roasted poblanos. For those seeking a taste of LA’s vibrant Asian cuisine, they have pizzas featuring ingredients like teriyaki sauce, sriracha, and crispy tofu.

Creating Unique And Flavorful Pizzas

House of Pizza prides itself on creating pizzas that are not only unique but also bursting with flavor. They achieve this by using high-quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Their dough is made from scratch daily, ensuring a fresh and delicious foundation for their creations.

The menu at House of Pizza features an array of innovative toppings that elevate their pizzas to new heights. From gourmet cheeses and artisanal cured meats to fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs, each ingredient is carefully selected to complement the overall flavor profile of the pizza.

House of Pizza also offers vegan and gluten-free options to cater to a wider range of dietary preferences. They understand the importance of inclusivity and strive to create a welcoming environment for all pizza enthusiasts.

With their commitment to culinary excellence and their knack for blending diverse flavors, House of Pizza has become a beloved destination for pizza lovers seeking a slice of tradition and flavor in Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions about House of Pizza: A Slice of Tradition and Flavor

Q: When did House of Pizza first open?
A: House of Pizza first opened its doors in 1964 as a quaint pizza and soda shop in downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Q: What types of pizza does House of Pizza offer?
A: House of Pizza offers a wide variety of pizza options. You can choose from local favorites like The House Deluxe, Meat at the House, The Classic, The Hop Popper, Tropical Chicken, and Smoked BBQ Chicken. Alternatively, you can create your own pizza with your preferred toppings.

Q: Is House of Pizza known for its thin-crust gourmet pizzas?
A: Yes! Since its opening, House of Pizza’s thin-crust gourmet pizzas have earned a loyal following and are consistently ranked among the best in Minnesota.

Q: What are the opening hours of House of Pizza?
A: House of Pizza is open from 11 AM to 10 PM on Sundays through Wednesdays and from 11 AM to 11 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Q: Where can I find House of Pizza restaurants?
A: House of Pizza has multiple locations in Minnesota. Unfortunately, specific addresses are not provided in the online data.

Q: Does House of Pizza serve only pizza?
A: No, House of Pizza serves more than just pizza. They also offer pasta and other delicious dishes.

Q: Does House of Pizza use high-quality ingredients in their food?
A: Absolutely! House of Pizza takes pride in using the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best taste and overall dining experience.

Q: Is House of Pizza a popular pizza place in Minnesota?
A: Yes, House of Pizza has been considered Minnesota’s favorite pizza since 1964, thanks to its delicious tradition and famous original recipe.


House of Pizza is not just a restaurant; it is a slice of tradition and flavor that has captivated customers for over five decades. With its commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and a menu that satisfies even the most discerning taste buds, House of Pizza ensures a memorable dining experience for all.

Experience The Joy Of House Of Pizza

When you step into House of Pizza, you are greeted by the warm aroma of freshly baked pizza and the friendly smiles of their staff. The cozy ambiance and comfortable seating arrangements create the perfect setting for a relaxed and enjoyable meal with friends and family.

House of Pizza prides itself on its diverse menu, offering a wide range of pizza options to cater to every palate. From classic pepperoni to gourmet toppings like prosciutto and arugula, every pizza is crafted with care and attention to detail. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available, ensuring that everyone can savor the delightful flavors.

In addition to their iconic pizzas, House of Pizza serves an array of appetizers, salads, pasta, and mouthwatering desserts. Their commitment to using only the finest and freshest ingredients shines through in every dish, guaranteeing a memorable culinary experience.

Continuing The Legacy Since 1964

Since its establishment in 1964, House of Pizza has been committed to providing exceptional food and service. The restaurant has become a beloved institution in the community and has stood the test of time due to its unwavering dedication to quality.

Generations of families have made House of Pizza their go-to dining destination, creating cherished memories and passing down the tradition from one generation to the next. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the delectable food, makes House of Pizza a place where families and friends can gather and enjoy each other’s company.

In conclusion, House of Pizza is not just a restaurant; it is a symbol of tradition, flavor, and community. With its commitment to delivering exceptional food, exceptional service, and an exceptional dining experience, House of Pizza continues to delight customers and remains a cherished institution in the hearts of many.

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