Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main


Located in the heart of a historic main street, Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main offers a delightful combination of delicious pizza and a charming ambiance. With its rich history and mouthwatering slices, it has become a favorite spot for both locals and visitors. In this article, we will explore the history and charm of Front Street Pizza, as well as provide information about its location and operating hours.

The History And Charm Of Front Street Pizza

Front Street Pizza has a deep-rooted history that dates back to the early 20th century. Originally established in the 1920s, it began as a small family-owned pizzeria, serving traditional Italian recipes that had been passed down through generations. Over the years, Front Street Pizza has retained its original charm and authenticity, making it a beloved fixture in the community.

Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main

What sets Front Street Pizza apart is not only its delicious pizza but also the warm and inviting atmosphere that greets customers as soon as they enter. The interior is adorned with vintage photographs, artwork, and memorabilia, creating a nostalgic ambiance that takes patrons back in time. The friendly staff adds to the welcoming environment, making every visit a memorable experience.

The pizza itself is crafted with care and attention to detail. The dough is made from scratch daily, ensuring a fresh and flavorful base. Locally sourced ingredients are used to create the mouthwatering toppings, from the tangy tomato sauce to the generous portions of cheese and a variety of delectable toppings. Whether you prefer a classic Margherita or a creative combination, Front Street Pizza offers something to satisfy every pizza lover’s cravings.

Location And Operating Hours

Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main is conveniently located on Front Street, right in the heart of downtown. Its prime location allows visitors to explore the historic main street before or after enjoying a delicious slice of pizza. The address is easily accessible and can be found using GPS or local maps.

As for its operating hours, Front Street Pizza is open seven days a week to cater to pizza enthusiasts. The pizzeria opens its doors early in the day, allowing customers to enjoy a slice for lunch, and continues serving well into the evening, making it a perfect spot for dinner. The extended hours accommodate various schedules and ensure that locals and tourists alike can relish a tasty meal at their convenience.

Whether you are exploring the historic Main Street or simply searching for a satisfying pizza experience, Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main is a must-visit destination. With its rich history, charming atmosphere, and delicious slices, it promises to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. So, grab your friends or family and head over to Front Street Pizza to indulge in a slice of pizza that pays homage to tradition while satisfying your taste buds.

Pizza Selections

Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main is a popular pizzeria known for its delicious and diverse pizza selections. Whether you are a fan of classic cheese, love to create your own masterpiece or enjoy unique specialty pizzas, this place has something for everyone.

Classic Cheese And Create Your Own Pizza Options

At Front Street Pizza, you can indulge in the timeless comfort of a classic cheese pizza. Made with a flavorful tomato sauce and gooey melted cheese, this simple yet satisfying option is perfect for those who appreciate the traditional.

If you prefer to add your own twist to your pizza, the create your own option allows you to customize your pie with a wide selection of toppings. From fresh vegetables like mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers to savory meats like pepperoni, sausage, and bacon, you have the freedom to create the pizza of your dreams. The crust is always made from scratch and cooked to perfection, providing a delicious base for your chosen toppings.

Specialty Pizzas: White Pizza And Spinach Pizza

For those seeking a more unique pizza experience, Front Street Pizza offers specialty pizzas you won’t find anywhere else. One popular option is the White Pizza, a delightful creation that swaps the traditional tomato sauce for a creamy garlic sauce. Topped with an exquisite blend of cheeses, such as mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan, this pizza is a heavenly choice for cheese lovers.

If you’re in the mood for something lighter and packed with flavor, the Spinach Pizza is a fantastic choice. This innovative pizza showcases the freshness of spinach combined with tangy feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. The result is a vibrant and delicious pie that will satisfy your taste buds without weighing you down.

Front Street Pizza takes pride in using only the finest ingredients to ensure each pizza is bursting with flavor. The dough is made from scratch daily, and the toppings are fresh and carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality.

With its diverse range of pizza options, Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main has become a go-to spot for pizza lovers in the area. Whether you are craving a classic, want to unleash your creativity with a custom pizza, or desire a specialty pie that tantalizes your taste buds, this pizzeria has you covered.

So, the next time you find yourself in the mood for a delicious slice, head over to Front Street Pizza and experience the mouthwatering magic they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

Front Street Favorites

Front Street Pizza, located on the Historic Main, has become a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike. This article will introduce you to some of their most popular dishes and accompaniments that keep customers coming back for more.

Undoubtedly, the star of the show at Front Street Pizza is their Round Cheese Pizza. This iconic dish embodies everything that people love about pizza – a perfectly baked thin crust, topped with gooey melted cheese, and a flavorful tomato sauce. The combination of these simple ingredients creates a harmony of flavors that keeps customers coming back for more. Whether you enjoy a slice on the go or grab a whole pie for a gathering, Front Street Pizza’s Round Cheese Pizza will leave you craving for more.

Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main

In addition to their Round Cheese Pizza, Front Street Pizza offers a variety of specialty pizzas to cater to different tastes. From classic combinations like Margherita and Pepperoni to unique creations like BBQ Chicken and Mediterranean Veggie, there is a pizza to satisfy every palate.

Accompaniments: French Fries And Authentic Mexican Tacos

As a well-rounded eatery, Front Street Pizza offers more than just pizza. Their menu also includes delicious accompaniments that perfectly complement their main dishes.

One such accompaniment that is highly recommended is their French fries. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these fries are the ideal side dish to enjoy alongside a piping hot slice of pizza. They are seasoned to perfection and provide a satisfying crunch with every bite.

For those craving a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine, Front Street Pizza’s selection of tacos is a must-try. Made with traditional corn tortillas and filled with flavorful ingredients such as succulent grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and zesty salsas, these tacos deliver a burst of Mexican flavors. Whether you prefer a classic carne asada taco or a vegetarian option, the tacos at Front Street Pizza are sure to please.

The combination of their signature pizzas and mouth-watering accompaniments creates a memorable dining experience at Front Street Pizza. Whether you dine in their cozy restaurant or opt for takeout, you can expect delicious food and friendly service that will leave you satisfied and planning your next visit.

Front Street Pizza’s commitment to quality ingredients, attention to detail, and dedication to their craft have earned them a loyal customer base. Locals and visitors alike appreciate the warm and inviting atmosphere created by the friendly staff and the aroma of fresh pizza wafting through the air.

In conclusion, if you find yourself on the Historic Main, make sure to visit Front Street Pizza. Indulge in their Round Cheese Pizza and discover the perfect accompaniments like French fries and authentic Mexican tacos. With each bite, you’ll understand why Front Street Pizza has become a favorite among pizza lovers in the area.

Additional Offerings

Front Street Pizza, also known as “Slices on the Historic Main,” not only offers delicious pizza but also provides additional offerings to enhance the dining experience. From a carefully curated beer and wine selection to its location at One Front Street, there are plenty of reasons to visit this iconic pizzeria.

Front Street Pizza’s Beer And Wine Selection

To complement their mouth-watering pizza slices, Front Street Pizza offers a well-rounded selection of beer and wine. Whether you prefer a craft beer or a glass of wine, their menu has options to satisfy every palate. The staff at Front Street Pizza is knowledgeable and can make recommendations based on your preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect pairing for your pizza slice. The beer and wine selection adds another dimension to the dining experience, making it an ideal destination for casual get-togethers, date nights, or simply enjoying a delicious meal.

The Original Grimaldi’s Location At One Front Street

Front Street Pizza proudly sits at the location that was once home to the original Grimaldi’s, a legendary pizzeria that gained a cult following for its iconic coal-fired brick oven pizza. This historic connection adds to the allure of Front Street Pizza and highlights its commitment to excellence in pizza-making.

Visiting One Front Street is like stepping back in time, embracing the rich history and tradition associated with New York-style pizza. The charming atmosphere combined with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked pizza creates an unforgettable dining experience. Front Street Pizza carries on the legacy of Grimaldi’s by delivering top-quality pizza that continues to delight locals and tourists alike.

Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main

Whether you are indulging in a slice of their signature pizza or exploring their beer and wine selection, Front Street Pizza offers a unique and memorable dining experience. The additional offerings make it an ideal destination for pizza lovers who appreciate great food, a pleasant atmosphere, and a touch of history.

Location And Hours

Front Street Pizza Station In Tahoe City And Truckee

Front Street Pizza is a popular and beloved pizzeria with two locations in the scenic towns of Tahoe City and Truckee. Both locations offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to grab a tasty slice of pizza while enjoying the charm of these historic main streets.

The Tahoe City location is situated right on the main strip of North Lake Boulevard, while the Truckee location is conveniently placed on Donner Pass Road. Both locations provide easy access for locals and visitors alike, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their delicious pizza creations.

Operating Hours For Both Locations

Whether you’re craving a cheesy slice for lunch or a full pizza dinner, Front Street Pizza has you covered with its generous operating hours. Both locations are open seven days a week, offering flexibility and convenience for pizza lovers.

In Tahoe City, Front Street Pizza opens its doors at 11:00 AM every day, ensuring that you can grab a quick and satisfying lunch before exploring the stunning beauty of Lake Tahoe. They continue to serve their mouthwatering pizzas well into the night, as they close at 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday, and at 10:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

In Truckee, Front Street Pizza opens at 11:30 AM, providing the perfect spot for a midday pizza break. They stay open until 9:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday and until 10:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Whether you’re hitting the slopes at one of the nearby ski resorts or exploring the charming downtown area, you can always count on Front Street Pizza to satisfy your pizza cravings.

So, whether you find yourself in Tahoe City or Truckee, make sure to check out Front Street Pizza for their delectable pizzas and friendly service. With their convenient locations and generous operating hours, they are the perfect choice for a quick bite or a leisurely meal in either of these charming towns.

FAQ About Front Street Pizza: Slices on the Historic Main

Q: Where is Front Street Pizza located?
A: Front Street Pizza is located at 80 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Q: What are the opening hours of Front Street Pizza?
A: Front Street Pizza is open from 10:00 AM to 8:15 PM.

Q: Does Front Street Pizza offer delivery?
A: Yes, you can order delivery from Front Street Pizza.

Q: What types of pizza does Front Street Pizza offer?
A: Front Street Pizza offers a variety of pizzas, including classic cheese or create-your-own pizza, square cheese pizza, white pizza with ricotta and mozzarella, spinach pizza with spinach and ricotta, and margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomato, garlic, basil, and olive oil.

Q: Are the pizzas at Front Street Pizza New York-style?
A: Yes, Front Street Pizza serves 100% natural hand-tossed New York-style pizza.

Q: What other food options does Front Street Pizza have?
A: In addition to pizzas, Front Street Pizza also offers authentic Mexican tacos, burritos, tingas, and quesadillas.

Q: Can you order by phone or online?
A: Yes, you can order ahead either by phone or online through the Front Street Pizza website.

Q: Is Front Street Pizza known for anything in particular?
A: Front Street Pizza is known for its delicious build-your-own pizza pies, as well as its authentic Mexican dishes. Their food is enjoyed by their friends, neighbors, and visitors.

Q: What is the atmosphere like at Front Street Pizza?
A: Front Street Pizza is described as a place where you can experience good food, great friends, and awesome vibes. It offers a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Q: Is Front Street Pizza open year-round?
A: Yes, Front Street Pizza is open year-round, allowing you to enjoy their food and atmosphere anytime you visit.

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